Recap of the opening of Beijing’s 2019 National People’s Congress


On March 5, the Chinese National People’s Congress held the opening of the Two Sessions annual political meetings at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. 

Premier Li Keqiang reported on the governmental work agenda for 2019. Here are some quotes from Li’s speech:

  • “Fulfill a new round of renewal of electrical resources in the suburban areas.”
  • “Carry forward the ‘Toilet Revolution’ and trash and sewage cleaning policies, and build a beautiful countryside.”
  • “Old neighborhoods occupy a large portion of many cities, hence, we need to keep pushing on the renovation projects.”
  • “Construct neighborhood markets, convenience stores, pedestrian zones, parking lots, and accessible paths.”
  • “Enrich our people’s cultural and spiritual lives, cultivate and practice core socialist values.”
  • “Strengthen cultural exchange between China and foreign countries.”
  • “Extensively implement citizen projects.”
  • “Get fully prepared for the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.”
  • “Enhance our country’s emergency system and improve our ability to cope with disasters.”
  • “Continue to vigorously follow the military policies: ‘politics forms the military,’ ‘reform strengthens the military,’ ‘technology revives the military,’ ‘rule the military with law.’”
  • “Persist with the party’s sole leadership of the military.”