Chinese reactions to the Donald Trump impeachment inquiry

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Before he became president, Donald Trump was hailed by Chinese commentators as a game-changer, hailed for his business acumen and unconventional politics. (Chinese Americans liked him too.) This was, of course, before the Chinese really got to know Trump: Before he broke precedent to take a call with Taiwan leader Tsai Ing-wen as president-elect, and before he launched a trade war that is costing American and Chinese businesses alike.

As he now faces the possibility of impeachment — a process that was initiated on September 24 — we were naturally curious about how China might view this news, and also get an update on what Chinese people think of Trump himself. I asked around:

U.S.-China relations is also a subject that will come up often during the next presidential election, so we should expect more awareness of the other country from both sides.

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A couple of select quotes:

“(My impression) isn’t as good as when Obama was in office. I don’t think Trump is good for our relationship (with the U.S.). I think public opinion, trade, economy has all been impacted. Personally, my impression of him is not good.”

“Unless they can find something crazy in what Trump did, I think the chances for impeachment are unlikely.”

As for Trump publicly asking China and Chiense president Xi Jinping to help him investigate the Bidens:

“This is America’s business. It has nothing to do with other countries,” one interviewee said. “I’m confident that Mr. Xi will not help Trump look into this.”

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