Gansu by motorbike: Deserts, Buddhist art, and the Great Wall

Society & Culture

A motorbike trip across the Hexi Corridor — across mountains, grasslands, and deserts — through one of China's most diverse provinces.

Join Mads Vesterager Nielsen on a motorbike trip through Gansu Province via the Hexi Corridor, with stops at the Buddhist grottoes of Maijishan, the yellow clay statues of Bingling Temple, the last fort of the Great Wall, the famous city of Dunhuang (where the oldest book in the world, the Diamond Sutra, was discovered), and more. Nielsen follows the Yellow River for part of the trip, and then drives along remnants of the ancient Great Wall.

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Host: Mads Vesterager Nielsen
Videographer: Anthony Tao
Editor: Luke Springer
Executive Producer: Bob Guterma