Taiwan anger at Qatar World Cup ID

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Meanwhile: China is looking to build on its Olympics success at the FINA World Championships.

Qatari organizers reacted swiftly to Taiwanese anger over a World Cup identification card app that listed Taiwan as a province of China.

The “Hayya” app, which serves as a visa for international fans entering the country — and is required for anyone wanting to attend the Qatar 2022 World Cup — requires users to input their nationality, among other personal information. For Taiwan, the selection showed “Province of China,” which drew ire from Taiwanese registrants.

Joanne Ou, a spokesperson for the Taiwanese Foreign ministry, told Bloomberg that identifying Taiwanese fans as part of China is belittling. She called on the organizers to “respect the rights and dignity of Taiwanese fans who plan to go and watch the games.”

“This unfriendly move by the organizers against Taiwan not only shifts the focus away from the game, but will also face international judgment and blame, which negatively affects the development of international competitions,” Ou said.

Normally, one would expect this kind of nitpicking from mainland Chinese officials and internet users, who have a history of complaining whenever Taiwan is not included on maps of China.

All the international brands that have apologized to China

Qatar 2022 organizers removed “Province of China” from the registration page, though this designation appears elsewhere on the app.

In response, Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Wāng Wénbīn 汪文斌 said, “Taiwan is part of China.”

In line with the vast majority of international sports, Taiwan competes under the Chinese Taipei. At the Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony last year, hosts Japan caused a minor controversy after the Chinese Taipei team was introduced as “Taiwan.”


China looks to build on Olympics success at FINA World Championships

Artistic Swimming at the 19th FINA World Championships in Budapest, Hungary on June 19 (photo by Attila Volgyi/Xinhua)

Twins Wáng Liǔyì 王柳懿 and Wáng Qiānyì 王芊懿 clinched gold in the women’s duet technical in artistic swimming to open China’s gold medal winnings at the ongoing FINA World Championships in Budapest.

The duo, who won gold in the free combination in 2017, finished ahead of twins from Ukraine and a pair of triplets from Austria.

Meanwhile, China’s butterfly queen Zhāng Yǔfēi 张雨霏 had to settle for bronze in the 100m butterfly, with her favored 200m event to come on Wednesday. Zhang finished only 0.77 seconds behind winner Torri Huske from the U.S. Despite a strong opening 50m by the 24-year-old, reaching the turn in second, Zhang could not hold off a late surge by Frenchwomen Marie Wattel.


Zhang also narrowly missed out on a second bronze after her 4x100m medley team finished fourth.

In the men’s 100m breaststroke, Yán Zibèi 闫子贝 finished in a very close fifth, just 0.92 seconds behind gold medalist Nicolo Martinenghi.


Tokyo 400m freestyle bronze medalist Lǐ Bīngjié 李冰洁 could not qualify for the final after only setting the 10th fastest time in the heats. Her compatriot, Tāng Mùhán 汤慕涵, who won gold alongside Li and Zhang Yufei in the Tokyo 4x100m relay, finished eighth in the final.

The World Championships continue until July 3, with the swimming events due to end on Saturday.

Wāng Shùn 汪顺 will be looking to win his first-ever 200m medley long course world title. The reigning Olympic champion only has two world championship bronzes to his name, and will be the favorite for the event, which starts on Tuesday.

Following the swimming events, China will be hoping to pick up the lion’s share of its medals in the diving competition that runs from June 26 to July 3.

Quán Hóngchán 全红婵 will no doubt be the center of attention as she starts her 10m platform campaign on Sunday. The 15-year-old reigning Olympic champion will likely face her stiffest competition from teammate Chén Yùxī 陈芋汐.


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