SupChina TV, Season One — The China Project

Society & Culture

A roundup of SupChina's new shows on TikTok and YouTube — for your binge-watching pleasure.

Susan St.Denis and Lizzi Lee

Do you like watching videos on YouTube or TikTok? Boy, have we got some stuff for you! These are the complete first seasons of our new shows on TikTok and YouTube, for your binge-watching pleasure: 

We’re rocking TikTok with Susan St.Denis

Check out ChinaVibe, our new series of short explainer videos on all kinds of subjects with TikTok native Susan St.Denis:

Current events 

Society and urbanism

Food and culture 


Lizzi Lee interviews the men and women who know about the money 

On ChinaEDGE Live, former MIT economist turned journalist Lizzi Lee interviews the movers, shakers, and opinion makers of China business. You can watch the full interviews on YouTube for free (for now): 

Macro and politics



Investing and politics