Chapter Eight: The Plague


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This week on Strangers in China, we hear from people all over China about their experiences during the last few weeks, as a deadly pathogen has turned crowded metropolises into virtual ghost towns. There’s a lot of fear and anxiety, but also a lot of pulling together for the common good. And boredom — lots of boredom. Hear how ordinary Chinese are coping with the coronavirus.


Music credits:

Theme song: “Analytical Skeletons,” “Hip hop instrumental,” “Vaporize Me,” “Crumbling Chia Pets,” and “Shia Baat,” by csus; “Road Trip,” “Fake Mustache,” “Sad Ending,” and “Wait What,” by Purrple Cat; “f@y,” by Jack Meijer; “Xmpty,” by lofee; “I Was Nothing,” by Le Gang; and “MTL,” by JMC.


Man uses sanitary pad as mask in Wuhan to battle Coronavirus,” China coronavirus: a look inside the sealed off city of Wuhan,” “CoronaVirus- People Are Collapsing In The Streets In China,” and “Wuhan jiāyóu’: chants of solidarity spread across city at epicentre of coronavirus.”

Production credits:

Producer/host: Clay Baldo

Researcher: Shunyao Yang

Mastered by: Kaiser Kuo

Translation: Josh Ogden-Davis

Voice-over: Elizabeth Klebenow

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