China’s draft regulations on generative AI, with Kendra Schaefer and Jeremy Daum


This week on Sinica, Kendra Schaefer, a partner specializing in technology at China-focused consultancy Trivium, and Jeremy Daum, Senior Research Scholar in Law and Senior Fellow at the Paul Tsai China Center.  discuss the new draft regulations published in April by the Cyberspace Administration of China that will, when passed, govern generative AI in China. Will it choke off innovation, or create conditions for the safe development of this world-changing technology?

04:36 – What is the difference between deep synthesis internet services and generative AI?

06:17 – Areas affected by the set of newest regulations: recommendation algorithms, deep fakes

11:15 – Major national regulations governing generative AI in China vs. in the West.

15:35 – The question of the privacy policy in China

18:25 – How far along are the tech companies when it comes to truly applying generative AI?

24:16 – Main areas of concern about ChatGPT raised in China and the US. What are the government and companies doing to deal with these issues?

28:04 – Is the idea to label AI-generated content sufficient?

38:28 – Requirements and concerns for training data for generative AI. Questions of accuracy and authenticity.

47:21 – Will the generative AI stay in the social media landscape, or spread toward the industrial sector?

50:12 – To what extent will export restrictions affect the development of generative AI in China?

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