Taiwan: Saber rattling, salami slicing, and strategic ambiguity, with Shelley Rigger and Simona Grano


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This week on the Sinica Podcast, Shelley Rigger of Davidson College returns to the show to talk Taiwan. She’s joined by Simona Grano, a sinologist and Taiwan specialist at the University of Zürich. They talk about President Joe Biden’s recent “gaffes” that call into question the longstanding, unofficial U.S. policy of “strategic ambiguity,” talk about how Taiwan has been impacted by the Ukraine War, and much more.

4:59: – What did Joe Biden’s latest “gaffe” on Taiwan actually signify?

10:06 – Did “strategic ambiguity” serve its intended purpose?

16:23 – The mood in Taiwan

20:51 – The impact of the Ukraine War on thinking in Beijing and in Taipei

34:12 – European countries navigating relationships with Taiwan

43:54 – The “One China Principle” versus the “One China Policy”

47:20 – Are bilateral trade agreements enough for Taiwan?

50:27 – Ethnicity, nationality, and the Taiwan issue

59:00 – Making sense of the PRC claim to Taiwan

A complete transcript of this podcast is available at SupChina.com.


Simona: Orphan of Asia, a novel by Wu Zhuoliu; and the show Orange is the New Black

Shelley: Occupied, a Norwegian thriller series on Netflix

Kaiser: Meizhong.report, a Chinese-language resource from the Carter Center’s U.S.-China Perception Monitor, covering official, media, and social media commentary on U.S.-China relations