Editor’s Note for Thursday, September 22, 2022

A note for Access newsletter readers from Jeremy Goldkorn.

editor's note from jeremy goldkorn, editor in chief of supchina

Dear reader:

We had a wonderful night in London last night doing a Sinica Podcast with former BBC China editor Carrie Gracie. The show will go up on the podcast feed next week.

Please forgive the light coverage today, I’ll be fully back in the saddle tomorrow with plenty to tell you about all kinds of interesting things I learned talking to people in the U.K. who know all about China.

Our word of the day is Global South (​​全球南方 quánqiú nánfāng, sometimes translated as 南方国家 nánfāng guójiā or 南方世界 nánfāng shìjiè).

—Jeremy Goldkorn, Editor-in-Chief