Xi Jinping says it’s normal for people to hold different views

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Happy new year!

Xí Jìnpíng 习近平 celebrated with his customary December 31 speech, which was broadcast on all major state media TV channels, and online.

You can read a translation or watch all 13 minutes of it on video via Ginger River Review, an English newsletter by Xinhua journalist Jiāng Jiāng 姜, or read an interpretation of Xi’s words — and the photos and books on display behind him — in this Twitter thread from scholar Wen-Ti Sung (宋文笛 Sòng Wéndí).

As Sung points out, the speech strikes a slightly softer tone on Taiwan than Xi’s 2021 address, and notably, Xi nods at China’s anti-lockdown protests, saying:

China is big. It is normal for different people to have different concerns or hold different views on the same issue, and consensus must be built through communication and consultation.


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Zhōngguó zhème dà, bùtóng rén huì yǒu bùtóng sùqiú, duì tóngyī jiàn shì yě huì yǒu bùtóng kànfǎ, zhè hěn zhèngcháng, yào tōngguò gōutōng xiéshāng níngjù gòngshì.

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