The final SupChina COVID-19 newsletter | April 7, 2020

bob guterma supchina covid 19 mask donation

Dear readers,

Tonight will be the final installment of our COVID-19 newsletter series. When we started this, Trump was still downplaying the likelihood of real COVID-19 trouble, and most other (Western) media companies were barely digging in on the topic. We saw a real need for information and a chance to perhaps widen our audience reach in the U.S.

At this point, however, we feel that our audience is likely saturated with COVID-19 updates from the rest of the media world. No joke, one place even suggested there might need to be a newsletter about all the other COVID-19 newsletters. In any case, this newsletter has fulfilled its primary purpose of making sure people understood the pandemic as it unfolded.

On a very happy note, our frontline medical worker personal protective equipment fundraiser is nearly at its goal, and we’re confident it will close out the last $100 or so by tomorrow. With the matching dollars we’re providing from our non-profit arm, we raised $50,000 in total. We already made the first delivery of the facemasks, and you can see the video of that here.

We thank you all for reading, and for any of you who signed up for this newsletter as your first SupChina newsletter experience — we will be adding you to our SupChina Weekly Briefing to keep you informed about all that’s happening in China, the country whose rise is changing the shape of the modern world. For anyone ready to really understand China, sign up for a $1 month-long trial of our premium ACCESS daily newsletter.

Lastly, on April 22nd, we’re holding the SupChina CEO Webinar, and it’s free — 6 CEOs, 3 hours, and more insight on how to navigate the global COVID-19 economy than anywhere else on the web.

Thanks again, and 再见

– Bob Guterma
SupChina COO