A deep dive into “Sporting Superpower”


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1:04 – As the China Sports Insider Podcast turns 50, are there still reasons to be optimistic about China’s sporting future?

2:46 – China may not be in the World Cup, but some skillfully edited videos circulating online have them winning the final – against Argentina!

4:14 – Qatar’s opening performance as host was a disappointment for rest of Asia.

7:21 – Turning to MMA, Chinese UFC star Zhang Weili is back on top with a title win at Madison Square Garden.

9:26 – The 2022 F1 season has come to a close. How did Rookie of the Year Zhou Guanyu perform and what does he have to do in 2023?

14:35 – Meanwhile, the Women’s Tennis Association’s 2023 calendar is out, but there’s no promised return to China.

17:16 – To mark the 50th episode of the podcast, Haig interviews Mark about his book “Sporting Superpower”, timed to coincide with the release of the paperback edition.

18:17 – The reception to the book has been unexpected, with talks on the book’s themes requested from around the world.

18:55 – What is the book about and why write it?

21:20 – Who is it aimed at?

24:00 – Several athletes are referenced or quoted in the book – what has been their response?

28:12 – Did anyone not like what was written?

28:51 – The challenges of interviewing athletes in China.

33:22 – Who were the most tight-lipped people?

34:34 – Any stories that didn’t make it into the book that deserve a mention here?

37:32 – What would it take for China’s sporting directives to lose focus?

40:00 – So is China’s sporting future still bright?

45:26 – Are there any plans for a Chinese version of the book?

48:25 – Some parting words from Haig.