Trouble ahead for Fosun’s Wolves? Plus lockdown tournaments and All-Star games


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0:45 The (new!) livestream starts with some differences in playing club tennis around the world.

2:37 Both hosts express anxiety about their upcoming returns to Beijing.

5:14 Chengdu is set to go ahead with the World Team Table Tennis Championships later this month, despite an ongoing lockdown. What lessons have organizers learned from the Beijing Olympic closed loop? And has China’s dominance in the sport impacted the decision to proceed?

11:58 One of the biggest storylines from Beijing 2022, the Kamila Valieva doping scandal, has some updates from Russia. What can we expect next — and when?

16:44 A shoutout to former podcast guest Rachel Llanes, who just accepted a job with the San Jose Sharks organization.

18:24: The IOC releases its human rights strategy six months after the Beijing Olympics. What’s the significance of this, especially given the recent UN report on Xinjiang?

20:48: What does this mean for future Olympic host cities? Could Saudi Arabia ever be in the mix?

23:38: Chelsea’s new American owner suggested the possibility of an All-Star game for the Premier League, with English fans up in arms. But is it really such a big deal?

27:53: A Bloomberg report this week says that Fosun, the Chinese conglomerate that owns Premier League team Wolverhampton Wanderers, may be in financial trouble. What does that mean for the club?